Hutsul dances are many. The most common is a circle dance called hucułką: a dozen or so people, holding his arms, moving in a strong momentum, accelerating the pace more and more, until the zawrotności. Sometimes the music is instantly plunged into a vortex, mixed into it dancers, sometimes gradually coming in. Men performing diversified steps, and dancing as they sit in squats close to the ground, jumping pike up, shouting, singing, firing guns. Inside the circle dancing sometimes loosely, one or more pairs. Sometimes, when the circle is moving mightily, but equally and monotonously as near rozmachowe, locked inside the circle dancers go crazy more and more.



The most characteristic dances of the region is of course Krakowiak. Sliding and bouncy – to a gradually increasing pace, dancers go on a quick whirl. Short songs, cast either in the course of the dance, or at short intervals, generally describe the nature of the ruling praised by the residents of the region. A jumping dance – rich in przytupy, striking, pirouettes and various revolutions – highlight the costume: colorful and lightweight for girls and dignified, elegant, decorated belt with callers circles for boys.