50th Anniversary Concert

Thank you to everyone who made them so successful and such an inspiring memory of the Polonez 50th Anniversary Concert.

Six sections of Polonez came together as one to produce such a wonderful and unique occasion, Mały, Średni, Duży, Złote Dorotki, Złoty Polonez and the Kapela. Thank you Helenka, Zosia and Jurek!

Thank you to the Zloty Polonez contingent, who came together to celebrate with us, it was great fun, many aching muscles, corny jokes but well worthwhile. You are always welcome back Beata, Grazyna, Irena, Jennifer, Joasia, Lily, Sarah, Scarlett, Wanda, Andrew, Andrew, Joe, Sal and Tom. There was some serious dancing there.

Thank you also to the Polonez alumni who came to the concerts, it was touching to see so many well known faces and very much appreciated knowing you were in the audience.